A Walk Around The Square (+ Lights of The Ozarks)

December 10, 2013

Sometimes I like to go walk around places and there's nowhere better to walk around than the Fayetteville Square during December when The Lights of the Ozarks are in full swing. The entire square is lit up in multi-colored light extravaganza. Everything, and I truly mean everything, is lit up. Lights of the Ozarks is a Fayetteville tradition like none other. In addition to the lights, there's plenty of places to buy hot cocoa, carriage rides, live reindeer, camel/pony rides, and food trucks. Every shop on the square is decorated with lights and wreathes and there's even a Christmas tree on top of one building. It's a hot spot for families, couples, and Christmas-loving sorority girls during the holiday season.

My friends and I decided to venture out on foot to The Square two nights ago. The roads were still pretty crummy, so after dark, foot travel is a must. We walked down the infamous Dickson Street from campus for a bite to eat and then decided to take in the Square, which isn't too far a walk. The snow only made the whole scene more picture perfect, I swear. Plus, it wasn't as crowded as it normally would have been. Our adventure was totally worth it even though our toes and bodies were frozen by the time we got back to campus.

Does your town celebrate the holidays in any special way? Let me know about it! 

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  1. Great Blog! :-) I really like the pictures.
    Hugs from germany xx

    Check out my new OUTFIT post :-)

  2. We have a few neighborhoods around our town who go full blown during the Christmas holiday! People from all over come to see the lights! I love driving or walking by them on Christmas Eve! So beautiful!
    xo TJ


  3. Sweet lightnings c: something that I love about
    holidays! Xx

  4. Love how these light pictures are in black and white! beautiful!



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