Out of the Archives: Barbee Curran Elevator Company Logo (Graphic Design Final)

December 18, 2013

So, basically this hasn't even been in the archives for a week yet, but I really wanted to share with you some recent branding work. Branding is something that both excites and inspires me, but also makes me nervous beyond belief. Branding a company or a product is such a big responsibility because you are literally creating a products or company's face. You are creating the image for a company and it's your job as a designer to get across the aesthetic and mission of this company through your design, while making it attractive. Needless to say it's a big deal, and I was happy to get a little practice in before the end of the semester.

We had two class periods, a list of existing businesses given to us, and a loose set of guidelines. We were to brand a company of our choice from the businesses listed with a logo and then create items such as business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. 

First, I did a little research. This is the real Barbee Curran Elevator Company website. I took note of their current design and tried to approach it like a re-design for a real client. I imagined them wanting to keep with something pretty simplistic and straightforward given the type of company they are and their established aesthetic. I took the logo and tried to come up with something that would have the right kind of impact while being simplistic and smart. The three lines were meant to play with figure ground and be representative of elevator doors. The addition of the elevator buttons were meant to help emphasize this. I stuck with a black and white design logo with a clean sans serif type. 

I went through six different designs before selecting this one. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this work. It was great practice for the real world. Sometimes you get stuck designing for companies that don't fall in line with your normal aesthetic as an artist. Also, finding solutions to get the needed things on each piece such as addresses and telephone numbers was great practice too. I hope that I'll continue to work on my branding skills in the future. It's really such an exciting process.

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