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December 03, 2013

So, we're back...and it's December. What the- ?

Thanksgiving break was a total blur. It's like time exists in an alternate universe when you're spending time at home. Also, the phrase "time flies when you're not crying because you're drowning in finals work having fun" has never taken on such meaning. Thanksgiving break wasn't the end all, be all - but it was a much needed break. I got to sleep weird hours and watch too much TV. I got to read and watch Catching Fire for the second time. I got to eat and eat and eat while not worrying a stitch about schoolwork. Best of all, I got to spend time with my family (+ snap these silly pictures with Jack).

So, while I attempt to gather my wits about me and adjust to the fact that it's December, here are a few links I'm loving from around the web:

  • I got Kara's Click Your Life class 40% off during her Cyber Monday sale for $5.10. I'm hoping it will inspire me to take better pictures this holiday season and into the new year. (p.s. You can get it now for only $8.50. That's pretty SWEET.)
  • This post about friendships ending that Carly shared on her blog is the possibly the best and most relevant post I've read recently. I can relate on so many levels.
  • I'm pining away for one of these lovely banners in Secret Holiday & Co's etsy shop. I especially love "It's Okay."
  • Also, while we're at it, you can throw the Destination Scarf from Moorea Seal on my list of wants too. 
  •  And finally, this blog is one of my new favorites

Happy days!

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  1. Cannot believe how fast time has flown by either. Such a blur indeed.
    These photos are adorable!


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