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January 28, 2014

Here are a few shots of my new space. I've finally started to 'nest' and put things up on the walls. It's still a bit rough and in a state of transition, but at least it's starting to feel more like my own space. Hooray. Here are some current happenings...

Reading: I just ordered The Spectacular Now. I recently watched the movie, but had I known that it was based on a book, I probably would have opted to read it first. I'm just weird like that I guess. Nonetheless, I'm excited to get it in the mail and according to Danielle, it's pretty amazing!

Watching: After months of people telling me to watch Orange is the New Black, and me resolving that I'd "get around to it," I finally decided to hit play the other day. Then, I proceeded to binge-watch the entire season in 48 hours. Uhm...whoops? It was abnormally good, dark, and exceptionally funny. I recommend it wholeheartedly and can't wait for for season 2. Also, I'm still faithfully with my American Horror Story Coven and Vampire Diaries on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Listening To: This mix has been on repeat for a few days. It's the best kind of background music.

Eating: I've been stuck on Lara Bars. I love them. Since I usually have class during lunch most days, taking snacks is a must (or else I just get grumpy...anyone else relate?). Lara Bars have been the perfect solution for a midday snack or a late night snack before bed. It's usually just sweet and filling enough to tide me over. I'm also still using cold-pressed juice as a meal replacement a few (1-3) times a week. Also, I'm stuck on a new local soup place called Zuppa Zuppa. I went there twice in a week - no regrets.

Online Love: This calendar, this banner, and Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass are still everything.

Offline Love: Wearing my hair in a pony tail, 'nesting,' constantly wearing lip-gloss, those rare 60 degree days, midday naps, my heating blanket (still one of the best investments), feeling accomplished, planning new blog series, making plans, red pants, and reaching out.

What are you currently up to?

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  1. Love this little peek into your life.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

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