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January 27, 2014

This Week's Wishes

  1. Get to Bed by Midnight: I've been kind of all over the place with my sleep schedule, but I usually find myself unable to get sleepy until 1am. This week I'm aiming to be in bed and ready for shut-eye at midnight - no excuses. I usually get distracted and try to get too many tasks done too close to bed time which tends to put me in a state of wakefulness right before bed instead of a state of sleepiness. This is obvious, but waking up earlier is way easier if you've had a good, full night's worth of rest beforehand and though I'm not a "morning person", I do like my mornings. 
  2. Make Tassel Garland: I've been wanting to make my own tassel garland ever since I found this shop on Etsy. They make gorgeous garland, but I knew I could save a few dollars by attempting to DIY it. Plus, it didn't look all that hard to DIY (but, we'll see). I went to Hobby Lobby and stacked up on some tissue paper, so now all I have to do is execute. 
  3. Make a New Acquaintance: I have great news, y'all. I got the Ambassadorship position I applied for a few weeks ago (!!!) and we're having out first meeting this week. I'm so excited to get to connect with other local creatives that are college-aged. I'm aiming to make some new acquaintances! Let's hope I'm not too much of a chicken to follow through.
  4. Finish a Design Project: I have a lingering deadline to design an invitation for a bowling tournament. I need to get moving on this and finish it up this week. I'm finding my motivation for design work again and feel good about putting time aside to tackle it. 
  5. Be Active at Least 3 Days: My friend Jenny and I have made a pact to work out regularly with each other. Our first gym date is tomorrow (yay!), so let's hope a little accountability will encourage me to get much more active this week as opposed to last week.

Reflecting: Last Week's Wishes

  • Be Active at Least 3 Days: It was ridiculously cold during this past week, so I wasn't active for 3 whole days. However, I did get active for two (short walks for the win). We'll chalk it up to a half accomplishment and aim to do much better this upcoming week. Okay? Okay. 
  • Finally Get Around To Decorating My Room: I'm proud to say that I finally got over myself and did some work on this one. I'm not totally done decorating, but have made some decent headway (which you'll see in tomorrow's post). It feels good to get settled in even further!
  • Read At Least 2-3 Chapters of Johnny Cash Biography: This was an epic fail. I got too excited about a new book coming in that I pushed Johnny to the side. Sigh. I'll get to you eventually Mr. Cash. 
  • Grab Some Juice: I did this! I stopped by our two local cold-pressed juice places twice this week to pick up some much needed juice. I got to try some new flavors from both places and am slowly, but surely spreading my juice obsession to those around me. My juice is starting to become a great ritual of sorts. 
  • Go to Brunch: I didn't technically do brunch, but I did make time for eating with friends this week. I went to 2 dinner's and a lunch date, one of which included waffles. So, I feel this one was as good as done. 

Are you participating in Weekly Wishes? If not, what are some things you're hoping to get accomplished this week? Also, feel free to follow my #weeklywishes adventures on instagram (@ashspring)!

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  1. Hey there, found you through weekly wishes! Yay for being active! I'm working on that too. And that garland looks super cute! I hope it turns out well!

  2. It sounds like you have been awesome at completing everything and yay for the admittance to the ambassador program!! Congratulations! :) Juice is amazing...I have a juicer at home that I LOVE but wish we had more dedicated juice places around us...it'd be nice to have that option while on-the-go!

  3. Congrats on your admittance to the ambassador program!! So exciting!!!! I've also had my eye on a few garlands but they definitely seem easy enough to DIY...they can be quite expensive to buy truthfully. Good luck with your goals this week!

  4. I adore those tassel garlands! If you figure it out, let me know!! :)

  5. Congrats on getting the Ambassadorship position you applied for! Having a workout buddy definitely helps for workout goals. I got back into exercising last year when my coworker and I decided to do the 30 Day Shred. We didn't workout together, but we checked in every day. Good luck with your goals this week!

  6. Hmm, fresh juice sounds amazing! There is a tiny juice place nearby my work that my coworker is always raving about; I always mean to stop by but forget. Congratulations on the ambassadorship! It sounds exciting. :)


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