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January 29, 2014

I'm weird about the way I used Pinterest. There's almost a ritual about it. I don't like to be one of those people that become really pin-happy and just pin anything and everything that strikes their fancy. Though I do pin a fair amount, I try to really make it count somehow. Usually, when I'm on Pinterest it's bedtime and usually I'm just using it as tool to distract myself until I feel sleepy enough to get to sleep. Basically, in my book, this is no time to be pinning anything that's not a sure thing.

So, usually when I'm scrolling through my feed, I'll hit the "like" button over the "pin" button 9 times out of 10. Liking the pin/image gives me a way to go back and view it later which is handy (and really speeds up the time it takes me to browse through my feed). Once I go back to the pin/image, I'll either categorize it and pin it onto it's appropriate board, decide it doesn't really have a place and keep it as a "like," or delete it because it wasn't all it was cracked up to be anyways.

I really like my system and sometimes when I'm going back through my "likes" I find images and pins that have a similar feel to them, whether it's the content or the color scheme. The pins/images just go together somehow even though I never really meant for them to. It's a great eye opener as to what grabs my attention and inspires me at a glance!

With all that being said, I thought today I would share some recent pins that I've "liked" in the past week or two. Apparently, this week I'm all about bright, candy colored objects and things. It all has a very sweet and festive feel to it, which is nice from the clean and simple modernity I usually find myself drawn too. I like the bits of infused whimsy and the way I feel when I look at all of these images together. It feels likes fun to me.

.001 - Confetti Sticks
.002 - Kate Spade Boxes
.003 - Anthropologie Nosegay Sheets
.004 - Pineapple Purse
.005 - Inspire Someone Print
.006 - Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (Cover)
.007 - Colorful Fake Taxidermy
.008 - Dyed Book
.009 - Pink Sprinkle Donut

What types of things and styles have you been drawn to this week? Please feel free to share! P.S. follow me on Pinterest here!

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