Weekly Wishes .003

February 03, 2014

This Week's Wishes
  1. Go Pick Up The Fault in Our Stars: Okay, I've been going back in forth as to whether I should read this book for nearly two years. Part of me wasn't too thrilled with the cancer plot-line (I blame a bad fiction book about a girl with cancer I read when I was about 15 where the girl was surly and hopeless and random) and I equally wasn't too thrilled about the character names for whatever silly reason. Also, I knew no matter the outcome, John Green was definitely going to rip my heart out. He wrote one of my favorite books Looking for Alaska and one of my least favorite Paper Towns. However, I haven't heard even one person say that this book isn't anything but tearjerkingly magical. Not a single bad review. I'm more convinced than ever that I need to read it after seeing this trailer (where, yes, I teared up). Plus, now I'm motivated to read it before the movie comes out. So, long story short, I just need to bite the bullet and pick it up. 
  2. No Cupcakes: Last week I got a bit cupcake happy and went to Bliss 3x. *Hides face* So, yeah, this week I'm pledging to cut out the cupcake runs. No cupcakes even if it is $2 Tuesday or double punch Wednesdays. Not a single delicious cupcake morsel is going to pass these lips. 
  3. Stay Totally Caught Up On Schoolwork: I'm hoping to stay totally caught up on readings this week, my online class, and my never-ending Spanish homework. Ugh. Also, I need to get my butt to the Fine Arts office to take care of some paperwork. 
  4. No Eating Out: In addition to no cupcake runs, I'm going to make it a goal not to eat out this week. This is more of a money saving measure than anything. Plus, it's an attempt to discipline myself into eating what's already provided to us at the sorority house. 
  5. Blog 4x: Last week I started to slack a little bit on the posting front. My goal is to post at least four times this week. I can usually get this post up without a problem, but it's later in the week when I lose my steam. 

Reflecting: Last Week's Wishes
  • Go to Bed by Midnight: I did really well with this one! I made it to bed 6/7 nights before midnight and I can definitely tell that I've had so much more energy in the morning. 
  • Make Tassel Garland: I thought about starting this...and then realized I didn't have any twine to put the actual tassels on. Whoops. 
  • Finish a Design Project: I put the finishing touches on the design project in question last night after the Super Bowl. I'm relieved to have this done. 
  • Make a New Acquaintance: At my first ambassador meeting this past week I met a fellow ambassador in the parking lot named Hannah and we chatted briefly while trying to get to our meeting room. Also, while we were sitting there they introduced us to a woman who is responsible for digital media at the Museum. She looked so freaking familiar. Turns out it was Jessica from Truebadours (who was recently featured on Moorea Seal's blog)! SUCH a small world, right? 
  • Be Active at Least 3 Days: This one got accomplished this week! Jenny and I hit the gym twice and then I went for a long walk one day after class. I feel so productive when I make the effort to get to the gym. 

Are you participating in Weekly Wishes? If so, feel free to link me up to your set of wishes. If you aren't, what are some goals you hope to accomplish this week? Also, feel free to follow my #weeklywishes on instagram (@ashspring)
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  1. I am a John Green newbie. I've never read anything from him before but I JUST started reading The Fault in Our Starts. Like you, I've heard such wonderful things.

    And yay you for not eating out. That is where %100 of my money falls out of my pocket. Major props. I can never seem to manage eliminating it.

    Good luck with your week :)!!

  2. I really think you will LOVE The Fault in our Stars. I loved it and cried like a baby and think everyone should feel that, haha. It's in a good way though. It takes some excellent writing to make someone really feel that strongly!

  3. oh my gosh. The Fault in Our Stars. Your heart will be ripped out. like.. totally. I literally ugly cried more in this book than in any real life event I've ever experienced first hand. yeah. And then I bought it so I could rip my heart out over and over and over whenever I feel like it. I actually felt hesitant to the movie, because I don't like the actress they picked for Hazel, but I heard an interview saying John Green was really really happy with her and that she understood the character better than anyone he could've hoped for. Then I saw the trailer. I officially can't wait. - but you should totally go get that book this weekend and read it before the movie comes out.

    I'm really convicted about the "no cupcakes" and "no eating out" goals, but for now I'm just going to ignore that convicting feeling because I havent quite passed the line from "i really shouldn't" to "I'm not going to".

    great list!
    I love the goal of yours from last week "make a new acquaintance". I need to keep this in mind for future.

  4. Anonymous2/03/2014

    My friend showed me the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars and I really want to watch it but I know I'm going to get super emotional!

  5. I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars right now. I've been dreading reading it, too, but also really wanting to. So far, it is truly magical. I hope you like it!

  6. I loveee John Green! Looking for Alaska is my fave too, I liked the beginning and end of Paper Towns but the middle dragged on FOREVER! I hope TFIOS movie lives up to the book.


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