Weekly Wishes .006

February 24, 2014

(I totally get to see this cutie this upcoming weekend! HOORAY.)

This Week's Wishes

  1. Sign an Apartment Lease: This past weekend I went apartment hunting and am planning on taking one more day to narrow it down before my parents come into town. Before the end of the week I hope to have a lease for the fall signed! Fingers crossed.
  2. Add More Product to My Society6 Shop: Over the weekend I decided to join Society6 and start selling a few pieces of my work (all of which have been featured in my Out of the Archives posts). I've known a lot of bloggers who've had success with it and decided to open it up as a little side venture - because why  not try to make a little extra $ off of something that's just collecting dust in my design folders? My goal is to add some more product to the shop this week. My ultimate goal for the shop is to have my content up for a limited amount of time and then switch it out. I'm hoping it will be a fun experience. 
  3. Write More / Take More Pictures: This week will be a busy one as far as preparation goes. I need to start shooting and writing for a few projects/posts that are coming up sooner rather than lately. Also, I haven't been writing near enough in my personal journal. Maybe Danielle's journal day prompts will help! Also, my parents + Jack will be coming into town so I need to start preparing for their arrival too. So excited for that, btw!
  4. Go for More Walks: With the weather warming up, I especially want to utilize those days to go on walks around campus and to places that are close to campus (like the place I go to tan). Maybe I'll document this series on instagram like blogger Kara Haupt does occasionally. Watch out world, the hashtag #ashleegoesforawalk is coming. 
  5. Drink More Water: A little redemption from last week is needed!

Reflecting: Last Week's Wishes

  • Stay on Top of Schoolwork: With two tests, a workshop, and a project due this past week, I feel like I did a great job of staying on top of things as best as I could. Yay for a much less jam-packed week.
  • Drink More Water: I totally failed at this goal this week, but mostly because I forgot it was something I had set for myself. This week I'm setting reminders out the wazoo and hopefully will remember to take a water bottle to class most days!
  • No Eating Out: I ended up eating out once this week and purchasing two smoothies. Not a total success, but even better than last time when I tried not eating out. Hooray for taking more steps in the right direction.
  • Go to a Group Fitness Class: Didn't do too hot on this goal either. I hit up the normal gym once or twice, but every time I thought about hitting a class something else seemed to take priority. 
  • Wear Lipstick at Least One Day: I wore lipstick when I went out for a dinner with a close friend. We tried a new restaurant and I donned one of my favorite shades of red lipstick. Success!

Are you participating in Weekly Wishes? What are some of your goals for this week? Also, feel free to follow my #weeklywishes adventures on instagram (@ashspring).
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  1. Great goals. I forgot about the water too. Setting reminders would be great. I think I may do that!

  2. Anonymous2/24/2014

    I need to drink more water as well. LOVE that you have a lipstick goal! Best of luck this week!

  3. Good luck on your apartment hunt!!

    And are there any of us that DON'T need to drink more water?! LOL

  4. How exciting to be apartment hunting...crossing my fingers for you too!

    xo erica


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