Currently: Favorites Edition

April 05, 2014

Here's a quick take on all of my current/recent favorites! Feel free to tell me what your current favorites are in the comments!

Book: Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides & Divergent by Veronica Roth (just had to give in and read it)
Tv Show: Vampire Diaries (tried and true)
Movie: Frozen
Song: All The Things I've Done by The Killers and this cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac via Dana Williams and Leighton Meester
Article of Clothing: Skinny Jeans
Trend for Spring: Shoes like these and hair chalk like this
Snack Food: Pistachios, Avocados, & Lara Bars
Drink: Smoothies & Hot Tea
Activity (Outdoor): Going to watch baseball games with friends
Activity (Indoor): Sleeping
Web Find: Discovering the work of Jordan Tiberio
Social Media: Tie between Twitter & Instagram
Pinterest Board: Apartment Inspiration
Instagram User: @karahaupt
Celeb Crush: Theo James
Color: Orange - feels like it's been everywhere this Spring and I'm loving it!

What are your favorites on this lovely Friday? Let me know! 

P.S. - Have an amazing rest of your weekend

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