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April 02, 2014

I've been working on my resume for a few months now. Back in December, I had a serious freak-out moment and realized that I needed to be putting together a portfolio/resume for internships and job opportunities. Since December, I've gone through several versions of my resume and am so happy to be finally showing you the finished product which has just been tweaked to add my museum ambassadorship and shuffle some wording around. 

I started at ground zero and really had to address how I was going to represent myself professionally on paper. I wanted my resume to have impact, yet err on the more simplistic side of things. I wanted my propensity for design to be evident, effective and effortless. I wanted my information to be easy to read and easy to locate. I tried to keep all of my information pretty concise and straightforward. Trust me, it took everything in my not to write a freaking novel in every section. Phew - managed to pull it off though.

Though my dream job in involves me working in the art industry/creative field, I knew that I should modify my resume so that it could be used for an entire range of job fields. So, while my resume isn't a typical word doc, it also isn't so overly designed and artistic that it couldn't be used in other disciplines. I love this fact.

Designing for yourself is the hardest thing ever and I think that's because you know yourself too well. It's hard for me to sometimes pick an aesthetic because I don't want to feel pigeon-holed into one look. I have lots of styles I like and feel pretty dynamic. It's hard to commit. However, I'm very pleased with the overall product and I'm sure that this resume will continue to evolve over time, but for now it's perfect for me.

Oh, and a first draft of my portfolio site is up! I say "first draft" because I'm still playing around and tweaking elements. I still have lots of work to add as well once this semester is over. Though it's not perfect yet, it is up and I think that's an important step. I love my portfolio because I now have a more professional about me and a platform for those who are interested in working with me/collaborating with me to easily get in touch and see what I'm all about! Hooray.

P.S. - just added this print to the society6 shop yesterday. 

What's new with you? Tell me good things!

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