Spring Breaking, a Recap

April 01, 2014

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I cannot believe it's April and that spring break is over. It all comes and goes much too quickly if you ask me. Here's a little recap of my spring break!

My spring break was wonderful and even though I didn't get white girl wasted in PCB for my 21st birthday (totally overrated if you ask me), I had a great time at home with family and close friends. My birthday went well. I started it off the night beforehand with Jenny, her boyfriend, and our close guy friend. We squeezed in some time to see our good friend Barnhill before he departed for his cruise on my actual birthday. We drove around, showing Jenny's boyfriend our old haunts and just generally having a good time with one another. Midnight came. They serenaded me with happy birthday and drove me across the county line so that I could make my first legal liquor run. It was surreal. I opted for something we could all drink pretty immediately - so a six pack of Mike's peach lemonade was in order. We all had one and Barnhill made us a bonfire. On the way home, my other good guy friend surprised me with a box full of cupcakes from Bliss that he'd picked up on his way home from Fayetteville. I was thrilled. It was the perfect start to my 21st birthday.

The next day, my family, family friends, and Jenny (+ boyfriend) treated me to a dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Maragritas were in order for everyone! Jenny surprised me a set of nice matching glasses (a wine glass, champagne flute, martini glass, and margarita glass) that I had mentioned I liked when we were shopping a few months ago. They're perfect to put in my new apartment. She filled them with homemade butterfinger cupcakes. That girl is GOOD. Afterwards, she and her boyfriend treated me to a comedy club (definitely the highlight of the night), a few bars, and a late night snack run. We ended the night on a positive note.  

The rest of the break was spent hanging out with Jack and my family. I was able to spend a few days playing sloth. I did some schoolwork, but definitely not enough. We puppy-sat the sweetest dog named Ellie. I got to enjoy her sweet snuggles and constant companionship for six whole days. It was bliss. Who wants to help me fund a program that brings puppies to visit college students (like they visit the elderly)? 

Mom and I went to go see Divergent, which I enjoyed more than I thought I might. My Aunt and I got to spend some one on one time together, which is rare. Then, she and her family took me to an all you can eat sushi bar. So awesome.

Oh, and Jack lost his first tooth! HE IS GETTING SO BIG. Someone make it stop!

If you still are lucky enough to have a spring break, what did you do? If you didn't have a spring break, do you have any fun vacations/long weekends planned soon?

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