Weekly Wishes .009

March 31, 2014

Can anyone believe it's the last day of March? Where is the time going?! Change is in the air!

This Week's Wishes
  1. Go to the Gym 3x: I indulged a little bit over Spring Break and can't wait to get back into a gym routine this week. I need to make myself go even if it's just for 30mins on the elliptical. 
  2. Make Progress on Updating Blog: the blog needs a little bit of a face-lift and I've been collecting ideas since December on how I should go about re-designing. My goal this week is to make a few tangible changes here and there to kick start the process.
  3. Stay on Top of Schoolwork: I have a lot of my plate school-wise this week (project due, part of a paper due, quiz, and online homework galore). Wish me luck in accomplishing everything on my to-do list that feels a mile long!
  4. Shoot More Pictures: For the blog, of everyday life, and for my photo class. More picture taking needs to happen this week!
  5. Extend a Little Kindness: loving this goal! It makes me much more aware about how I can infuse positive vibes into everyday moments. I have a feeling this will be a great goal to keep in mind when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Reflecting: Last Week's Wishes
  • Pack Up Things For Spring Break: Did it and now Spring Break is done! Holy cow!
  • Stay on Top of Schoolwork: Minus one missed online assignment, this was a success. 
  • Journal: I did manage to journal, but I need to much more often.
  • Buy a Canvas: Instead of buying one I ended up finding one while I was at home! Score!
  • Extend a Little Kindness: extending this goal into this week, because kind/positive vibes are always in style.

What are your wishes/goals this week? Let me know! I love getting inspired by y'all's aspirations for the week ahead!


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  1. I love that you are being intentional about looking for opportunities for random acts of kindness. It's somethingI want to be more focused on as well. Best of luck this week!

  2. Good luck on your school work! You can do it, ;)

  3. Love this! Especially the pictures and random acts of kindness!!


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