Weekly Wishes .012

April 21, 2014

(everything is in bloom and it's amazing!)

This Week's Wishes

  1. Get Healthy: I'm feeling inspired by the warmer weather to get outdoors and I'm feeling motivated by shorts/swim suit season to start treating my body with a bit more kindness. I feel like I haven't been making much of an effort in the health department and that needs to change. This week I aim to install a good weekly workout routine and take solid steps toward bettering my eating habits. I've done it before and know I can do it again. Here's to a healthier week!
  2. Stay on Top of Schoolwork: Finals are just around the corner and the going is getting a tad a lot busy. However, after a slew of good grades and good news regarding classes I'm feeling motivated all over again! I went to the library today and finished up all my online homework for the week. I hope this motivation and all the organization I instilled last week carries through to this week.
  3. Test Drive Orange Lipstick/stain: This is my "just for fun" goal/wish for this week. I've been dying to try the orange lips trend for spring. Also, orange is totally my color right now, if you hadn't noticed my total color crush yet. I have a Target giftcard that needs spending and there's no time like the now to give things a shot!

Last Week's Wishes
  • Get Organized: I really loved attending to this wish in particular this past week! I've been utilizing lots of organizational apps (hopefully a comparison post regarding favorites in the near future) and I felt like I got a lot accomplished on the organization front!
  • Read Before Bed: I managed to read a lot this week, maybe not every night before bed, but I was definitely more mindful.
  • Do Some Prep Work: Did this, my friend came to visit, and we all had a really fun time! Hooray!
  • Take a Photo Each Day: I didn't manage to snap one every day, but I definitely did make a solid effort on this one! Loving this idea and will continue to try and take more everyday life shots in the coming weeks.
  • No eating out: Proud of myself for saving all my spending until the weekend. Overall a win on this wish this week.

What are your goals/wishes for this week? Share them with me!

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  1. Seems as though many of our goals are in alignment ;] One of my hardest things is just drinking water. It's so boring compared to lattes and sweet tea! hehe thanks for your visits and sweet words over at freely ronnie! so thankful!

    xo ronnie

  2. Loving the fact that you have two productive goals and one just-for-fun goal to balance things out a bit. That's inspiring and I think I might take that approach for next week's goals! Good luck with your school work and hope to see some photos of that orange lip you're gonna try!

  3. I feel ya with staying on top of school work! I have finals these next couple of weeks and have been completely drowning!

  4. I need to get healthy too, haven't been exercise for a while!

  5. I'm dying when it comes to school right now, but I'm trying my best to stay on top of things! Also, I love orange lipsticks! It's hard for me to find colors that match my skin tone sometimes, but orange is one of the colors that does match!

  6. Getting organized is forever on my to-do list! Maybe this week will do the trick!

  7. I'm with you on the exercising, I am shockingly out of shape and bravely signed up for a 10km run in July so need to get cracking! Good luck with your schoolwork and finals!


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