Bringing Back Ad Spaces On DL (+ 25% Off Code)!

May 22, 2014

So, a few weeks ago I decided I'd give ad spaces another go on my sidebar. They've been hit or miss in the past, but I'm exciting to give them another try. Dearie Lovie has been experiencing a little bit of growth recently and more than ever I feel like I'm truly connecting with other bloggers. It's been amazing to experience these changes and there's so many exciting things happening in the future for DL (a summer pop-up shop, blogger movie night, and possibly a new link-up just to name a few!). In light of all this activity, joining a few blogger networks, and really becoming more active in the blogosphere I decided to open up the option to highlight others on my sidebar.

With that said, I totally revamped the way I handle advertising and I redid my sponsorship page (which I'm pretty giddy about!). Hopefully these changes will make the entire process much smoother. My rates are perfect for any sized budget (especially tailored to that of the college student) and I'm going to offer a bevy of available discount codes periodically throughout the year, which will be listed right on the sponsorship page. Nifty!

You consult my sidebar or click here!

My current options are:

Featured = $15
Deluxe = $8
Basic = $5
Ad Swap = $0

Current Discount Codes:
SPRINGFEVER (for anyone!) = 25% off
HCBN (only for HCBN members) = 50% off

I hope you'll consider sponsoring or ad-swapping with Dearie Lovie! I'd love to have your blog or shop highlighted on my sidebar for the world to see!

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