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May 20, 2014

I' back with a little apartment inspiration, because who doesn't love curating for their dream spaces? Last time we talked about my apartment situation, I had just stumbled (and when I say "stumbled," I mean "relentlessly and ruthless searched and then found") an apartment that felt perfect-for-me. I signed a lease over spring break and it will be all mine come the first of August! Exciting stuff folks!

In the mean time, I've been gathering more ideas and inspiration for my space now that I know for sure the layout of it. I'm crushing hard on bright colors with a mix of modern and vintage pieces still. I'm loving the idea of a large bookshelf in the living room, a statement rug, and art adorning the walls! 

I'm obsessed with that lived in feel too. I want to walk in and instantly feel right at home. I'd love to DIY something like that center poster and see if I can find plushy, bright colored pillows for cheap. Either way, my head has been swirling with ideas. The only space I have fully mapped out in my head is the living room, but I'm slowly gathering ideas for other rooms. I think the most challenging space will be the bathroom/laundry room combo. 

I'm confident I'll get there though!

.001 - Bolivian Frazada Rug/Blanket (via Leif)
.002 - Yellow Brimfield Bookcase (via UO)
.003 - Amazing Bedroom Scene (via this pin)
.004 - "Aa" Digital Download Artwork (via LifeLovePaper)
.005 - "The Future is Bright" Banner (via Jimmy Marble)
.006 - 4040 Locust Indigo Lampshade (via UO)
.007 - Bookshelf (via Amber Lewis's Home Tour)
.008 -  Magical Thinking Mirrored Medallion Rug (via UO)
.009 - Plum & Bow Neon Crochet Pillows (via UO)


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  1. I love the bright colors! Can't wait to see what you put together in your own space. Decorating is always so much fun!

  2. love the home inspiration! i just like classic home decor with modern touches and lots of bright colours! how exciting that you'll be moving to a new place soon :)

  3. Coffee Beans High Heels6/09/2014

    the bookshelf is so pretty!


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