That Time American Landscape Painting Took Over My Life

May 15, 2014

(trying to make the most of these summery days at school with fun shoes and a fun drink)

Hey lovies, sorry for the impromptu blogging break! Finals ended, I went home for a weekend, and now I'm back and knee deep into a summer intersession course. It was truly a whirlwind of things happening one right after another!  My intersession course regards the history of American Landscape painting (hint hint - not exactly my favorite topic in the world, but we're totally making it work). Luckily, my college town is roughly 35 minutes from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (the same place I'm a college ambassador!) and that's where we have a majority of our classes. It's really such an awesome opportunity to have class there and get a hands on education by seeing most of the works we lecture about in person.

For those of your who are unfamiliar with what an intersession course is, it's a class you take for only two weeks - however you earn a whole semester's worth of credit for it. It's a rather intense workload. It's 6 days a week and nearly 4 hours long each day. I have homework each and every night in the form of reading an assigned article and producing a 1-2 page written critique or summary of the article. Plus, I'm tasked with whatever other in class assignment or participation that's required.

This class is semi-sucking my days away, but I feel good getting ahead so that I can have an easier course load during my senior year. So yeah, I haven't abandoned this little space. I've just been consumed with the topic of American Landscape painting and trying to graduate as a double major in 4 years. Promise!

Stay tuned, I plan to post this weekend, but if you still miss me feel free to follow via Instagram or Twitter!

What sort of things have you been up to, big or small? Let me know!


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  1. That summer class schedule is crazy! We have summer classes, but our shortest ones are a month's worth of 5 days per week, 2-hour classes.

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise

  2. Hello mate ggreat blog


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