Hey There! + A Little Life Update

July 16, 2014

Since I've gained a few new readers here lately (hey there!). I thought it might be fun to do a little life update as to where and what I'm up to now, plus share some facts about me. Sound good? Good!

I'm Ashlee. I live in Arkansas and will be heading into my senior year at the University of Arkansas this August. I'm just as astonished as to how the past three years went by so quickly. In May, if all goes according to plan, I'll be graduating with a degree in Visual Design and Art History. I also have a minor in Business Marketing. I spend my free time as a College Ambassador at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and love it. I'm also a member of Delta Delta Delta, and the experience of being in a sorority has been amazing thus far. I'm thankful for every moment and every opportunity it's given me to connect with others and do amazing philanthropic work. Hopefully, post grad I can score a job working somewhere in the creative industry, but we'll see. I'm open to so much.

I blog a little bit about everything, most of it personal. This upcoming year, I'm looking forward to diversifying my content to include more DIY, Recipes, and Fashion/Beauty related posts. I addition, I hope to work with other bloggers to make fun features or guest posts happen here in this space. I love the community aspect of blogging. So, stay tuned.

I spent most of this past summer travelling and taking small little road trips here and there. Initially, I was scared, but have enjoyed every waking second of it since. Constantly experiencing new things this past summer has been such a blessing. I hope to make travelling more of a priority this upcoming semester. I want to take a few more road trips while I have the flexibility to do so (aka before I get a job that has a limited # of vacation days).

I'll be moving into my very first one bedroom apartment this fall. It'll be my first time living entirely on my own. I'm nervous about the experience, but totally confident that this is the right choice for me. Hopefully, getting that place in tip top shape will be a source for future DIYs. I'm thrilled to decorate everything as I see fit. This is going to be good, I can feel it! Do any of y'all live on your own? If so, do you love it? Any advice?

Though I love doing what I do, I cannot help but miss my 5 year old brother Jack while I'm away. He's my favorite person in the world and one of my biggest sources of personal inspiration. He starts kindergarten this fall and I am in complete disbelief. I think I'll probably cry harder than my parents on the day he goes. No one prepared me for this kind of love.

Some Quick & Current Facts About Me

  • Watching stand up comedy is my guilty pleasure, right there behind behind binge watching Netflix, The Millionaire Matchmaker and reruns of both Boy Meets World and Sex in the City.
  • I lose stuff constantly. I lost my one and only pair of jean shorts two weeks ago and they've yet to return to me. Sending an S.O.S!
  • I've never tried Quinoa. I know, I know! I just bought two bags and can't wait to try out a recipe using the stuff.
  • My current celeb crushes are comprised of Mark Wahlberg and Theo James. Also, who could count out Zac Efron?
  • I probably say #BYE (hashtag bye) too often for my own good. Gotta work on that one. 
  • French fries are my favorite food in the entire world. Also gotta work on that. 
  • I love the idea of juicing, but have never done a full on cleanse. The cost is killer.
  • Instagram and Pinterest are quickly growing to be my favorite sources of social media. 
  • I live in a state where there is no H&M and no Urban Outfitters and I detest every minute of that ish. 
  • I'm STILL not done getting my portfolio site together. I will one day...soon. 

So, new readers and old readers alike, come by and say hey + tell me some facts about you! I'd love to know you!

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