5 Instagram Accounts I'm Loving

July 15, 2014

(left: @karahaupt, @tifforelie || right: @randomactsofpastel, @jengotch, and @savannahmaiedae)

I'm excited to share a new mini-series here on the blog entitled "5 I'm Loving." Each week I hope to bring you 5 things/people/social media accounts/etc that I'm loving. I stumble across so many awesome things and sometimes get a little obsessed with certain ideas/songs/websites. Hopefully I can use this series as an ever evolving platform to share those things! Woot woot!

Today, I'm sharing 5 Instagram Accounts I'm Loving. Find out why they're so awesome below:

@karahaupt: I started follow Kara nearly four years ago on her personal blog and this lady has been kicking ass ever since. She takes beautiful photos, writes herself amazing pep talks, is a selfie-advocate and her photos constantly remind me to embrace myself exactly as I am. She documents herself, her work, and her life in Portland, OR. She also is launching a site on Monday called Babe Vibes, which I can't wait to explore!

@jengotch + @designlovefest: I couldn't mention one without the other. These two besties are both wildly successful women with envy-inducing careers with an envy-inducing work ethic to match. Jen Gotch is the creator of my most fun/fashionable accessory line Ban.do and Bri from Design Love Fest runs the highly coveted blogging/Photoshop work shop called Blogshop! Both of these ladies instagram accounts always fill my day with a daily dose of brightness and optimism!

@tifforrelie: I'm amazed at how many likes this instagram account has probably received on my behalf. The lady behind the magic is Tiffany Mitchell. She's a baker, photographer, and stylist based in Kentucky. Her instagram photos are always, always well styled and endlessly gorgeous to look at. She also blogs over at Offbeat & Inspired!

@savannahmaiedae: Savannah Wallace is part of the dynamic duo between the site Maiedae which just got a little face lift. She and her best friend, print maker Jenny Highsmith, run this lovely blog/graphic design house together. Not only are they graphic design mavens, but they also host an annual mixer for bloggers! Her instagram account documents nothing but beautiful everyday life content!

@randomactsofpastel: This is my latest instagram account find. Alyssa Garrison documents her very pastel life on this account. Each post is colorful, girly, and lovely. She sees the world through rose colored glasses and a dreamer's lens. This account is total instagram eye candy! Plus, she blogs over at her blog of the same name, Random Acts of Pastel.

What are some instagram accounts you're currently crushing on?! Let me know!

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  1. These accounts are terrifically awesome. I love stalking new instas and follow the one most worthy. I really love Marla of A Weekend Crossing blog's Instagram. Stunning photos.

  2. Glad you loved my selection. Each and everyone of those ladies are AMAZING. I also love finding new, awesome people/accounts to follow on insta! Definitely will have to check out Marla's insta right now!

  3. I've just recently become part of the Instagram community (mainly because of blogging) and I love it! I'm just incompetent at it right now lol but I love to discover new accounts and fun photos and challenges, etc. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Allyssa7/02/2015

    Instagram is just continuing to grow! I love finding new accounts; thanks for sharing <3

    Lyss // www.lifewithlyss.com


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