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July 14, 2014

This Week's Wishes
  • Get Organized - I move back to school in about two or three weeks. Right now is the prime time to get organized. I'm sorting through all of my boxes of clothes and various apartment goods, trying to get a good feel for what I have and what I need. My Dad has been so helpful in getting me prepared and pushing me to get organized. Over the weekend I found two boxes worth of kitchen clutter (pots, pans, utensils, etc) and began sorting, washing, and packing away what I need. It feels good to be making a dent!
  • Get in Touch - This week I'm aiming to text or call friends I haven't spoken to recently, but have been thinking about. I've been missing way too many people!
  • Spend Quality Time With Jack - Since school is so close to starting back, I want to spend as much quality time as possible with my brother before things change. He'll be starting school this fall too, so soon he'll be too busy for me! This week I'm aiming to go on a Jack + Sissy lunch date and take him to do a few fun things, just us two. I can't wait!
  • Get Fit - I'm aiming to get fit this week by changing up my workout routine to include more workouts from Blogilates and Tone It Up! I've been feeling super inspired to get in shape. Plus, I just bought fresh produce to make healthy smoothies with this week. Feeling optimistic!

What are your goals/wishes this week?! Let me know!
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  1. Hi! Great post :) I am with you on trying to get fit, but It has been a little impossible for me with three kiddos. calling and texting friends is something I am trying to get done as well lol. Good luck on getting organized for school because that will be super helpful. Take care hun

  2. these are awesome wishes! this past week i've been thinking a lot about how fast summer's flying by. before i know it, i'll be back in classes. getting organized is a great goal to have!! thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hmmm.. I'm honestly addicted to smoothies - so, so, soooo good.
    Lately I've been enjoying a ton of fruit smoothies/ juices - FREAKIN' YUM in the summer - but I'm thinking I have to work some green smoothies in there as well.

    Loved reading your post - and can I just say how gorgeous you are?! Seriously xo


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