Weekly Wishes .020

December 15, 2014

Happy Monday. Let's do this! Here are my weekly wishes for this week:
  • Study Study Study: This week is finals week (trust me, you'll be hearing much more about it) and I need to study until I feel good about going into each test. I've made semi-detailed to-do lists for each class and feel on point. Now, if this cold I seem to be harboring will just go away that'd be great.
  • Pack for Winter Break: The last thing I need to do is put off packing for an entire month until five minutes before I'm trying to leave (or worse, the night before my biggest final which also happens to be my last one). This week I need to utilize those study breaks to pack slowly but surely as the week goes on.
  • Clean the Apartment: I also need to get my apartment in order before I go gallivanting off for winter break. That means I need to do all those nagging things like dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash, throwing out food that will expire in my absence, and checking the mail. Sigh.
  • Make a List of Goals for the Break: So much free time to accomplish things! Need to make a list of goals in order to structure my time away from college so that it can be equal parts fun/relaxing and productive.
  • Ace My Finals: This one is simpler said and typed than done. Hopefully, if I study efficiently and continue to treat my body in a decent manner (aka getting enough sleep, taking cold medicine, and eating on the reg), then this will happen naturally. Wish me luck!

What are your goals/wishes this week? Let me know!

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  1. Those sounds like some great goals for the week. It's always nice coming back to clean apartment after a trip. I posted my weekly intentions on my blog today!

  2. Good luck on your finals!! :) Hope you enjoy your break!


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