Where I'm At Today

February 02, 2015

I'm somewhere between waking up and work, work and school, school and the gym, the gym and homework. I'm somewhere between starving and full, happily content and crazily dissatisfied, having nothing to do and having everything to do. I'm somewhere between one deadline and the next, one weekend and the next, one exam and the next, one project and the next, one break and the next. I'm somewhere a FaceTime with Jack and a visit home to see him and squeeze him. I'm somewhere between high school grad and college grad and soon I'll be somewhere between college grad and fully functioning, employed adult. Then there will be that endless stretching time where I will be somewhere between employed and dead. I'm somewhere between one paycheck and the next, one bill and the next, and one week or month and the next. I'm somewhere between caring and asleep, inspired and bored. I'm somewhere between single and married. I'm somewhere between exhausted sleep and somewhat less exhausted waking, late night tea and a hurried morning breakfast.

I'm somewhere between an idea and a blog post. I never quite make it. I guess today I did, but even so, I'm still only just between this blog post and the next.

Life happens in the magical middle, the mundane in-between.

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