10 Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

August 17, 2015

  1. Working Full Time - I went from two part time internships to one full time job. It's been a strange, awesome, and hectic switch these past few weeks as I've been getting in a new daily routine. One huge bonus? My job is actually in the town I live in. I'm happily saying bye to the 30-45 minute commute and hello to living and working in the town I love best.
  2. Avoiding Laundry - Oh, the laundry and how it never seems to end! While I've been away I may have let things get a tiny bit out of control. One well intention closet clean-out coupled with several unrecognizable piles of both dirty and clean laundry led to a very unfortunate week and a half where our couch was buried beneath swarms of unidentified laundry. Thankfully, over the past few days everything has been sorted and put away in it's proper place...for now.
  3. Watching Youtube - I can't stop and won't stop. I've fallen so in love with Youtube. It's the perfect way to wind down and I find myself more inspired than ever when watching beauty tutorials or style hauls. Instead of blogging, I've been eagerly consuming the playlists of Zoella, Batalash, Elle Fowler, and LoeyLane one video at a time like it's my day job, although sadly it is not.
  4. Going to Sleep at 10pm - I'm an old soul, but my boyfriend prefers to exchange "old" with "ancient" during the recent week nights when I could barely stay awake between our DVRed recordings of Teen Mom 2 and Bar Rescue. So what if I can't make it past 20 minutes of any film I put on before going to bed? At least I'm getting my 8 hours 10 hours of beauty rest.
  5. Shopping Like I'm Going Back to School - This is the first August since I was 5 that I hadn't been back to school shopping and that was seriously starting to bum me out. What is August if not fresh school supplies and an excuse to buy new clothes? So I may have gone a little crazy and shopping the likes of Gap, Old Navy, and the mall until I had acquired five or six new dresses, three grey tops (which look different from each other I swear - no matter what my boyfriend says), something maroon colored (because #fall), and three pairs of new shoes. Whoops.
  6. Hanging Out With My Brother - He started the first grade today, so excuse me while I pretend to keep it together. Recently, I've been trying to make regular visits with him a priority (not that they weren't before...but you know how life is sometimes). I got to spend two awesome weekends with him recently. We went to the zoo, to the arcade, blacklight bowling, and The Amazeum. It was great to get some one on one time with that amazing kiddo before he's locked down learning full time.
  7. Eating Lots of Ice Cream - My excuse? It's summer. Now give me all the ice-cream!
  8. Not Working Out - I have no excuses for this one. I just have been probably about the least motivated I've ever been in my entire life to workout. The idea of going to the gym sounds miserable and the idea of working out at home totally unproductive. Thankfully, a pilates and barre studio is reopening in town in a new location and is offering a week of free classes. I forced myself to sign up for three. We'll see how it goes!
  9. Catching Up With Old Friends - Having your friends suddenly scattered out post graduation has to be by far one of the most unexpectedly sucky things about adulthood. It was staggering the amount of friends who suddenly got job offers, got married, started grad school, or decided to move back home within such a short time frame. I spent some time while I wasn't blogging catching up with a few friends who I hadn't seen in months. Good news, one of my best friends just moved back to town! I'm over the moon.
  10. Losing My Debit Card - I'm just good like that I guess. I bragged recently about how I had never ever had to replace my debit card in the history of me owning a debit card. Two short days later, I lost mine. Thanks karma, I got the message. Now I'm just patiently waiting those 7-10 business days for the new to come in. It already feels like forever.

P.S. - this post was inspired by Nadine.

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