42 Things To This Fall (+ Free Printable Checklist!)

October 13, 2015

One of the most loved recurring posts I do here on this blog are my seasonal to-do lists! Usually, they're my own personal to do list which I share, mark off, and document on the blog. This year I thought I'd change it up a tad and make one for anyone and everyone to follow. Fun, right?

Fall is such a special and beautiful season. Truly there's nothing like cozy, comfy feeling fall gives you. There's nothing like the crisp air, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes. There is nothing like the first day of boots and cardigan weather paired with the smell of something delicious simmering and sizzling in the crockpot or baking sweetly in the stove. There's nothing like the first good sleep after "falling back" or the way your house smells after lighting that fall candle. There's certainly nothing quite like the elation of running through a corn maze or visiting a pumpkin patch and finding just the right pumpkin.

I really feel like I've rounded up some of the best things you can do this fall and compiled them all on to one handy dandy list which you can download above. However, here's is the list itemized and expended upon:

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch
    • If you do nothing else, do this one. So much fun! Plus you get more variety of pumpkins and the pumpkins are typically better/cheaper than the ones from big box stores like Walmart. 
  2. Go apple picking
    • If you're fortunate to live near an apple orchard definitely take the opportunity to pick apples! 
  3. Master making pies / cobbler
    • Especially of the pumpkin or apple variety! Those pumpkins you just picked? Those apples your just picked? Turn them into delicious fall magic!
  4. Drink a PSL
    • Have at least one! If you're not big on Starbucks, I bet your favorite local coffee shop has their own spin on it.
  5. Make mini carmel apples
    • They're fun, festive, and bite sized! The perfect fall snack.
  6. Light candles that smells like fall (pumpkin, spice, caramel, apple, leaves!)
  7. Open up the windows and inhale crisp, fall air
    • Fresh air is good for the soul and any time I can cut my electricity bill down by having the air off is a total win.
  8. Go on a walk
    • It's good for the soul and your health. Take advantage of the mild weather before temperatures drop and the last place you want to be is outside!
  9. Revamp your wardrobe
    • Time to bust out the boots, cardigans, scarves, flannels, light jackets, and sweaters
  10. Try a darker lip color
    • We all know dark, bold vampy lips are in. Rimmel 107 does the job for me.
  11. Buy something undeniably seasonal 
    • Whether it pumpkin pie spice creamer or caramel apple Oreos take advantage or the things you can't get any other time of year!
  12. Have a bonfire + make s'mores
    • There is nothing like bundling up on a chilly night next to a warm blaze and simultaneously stuffing your mouth with chocolate/marshmallow goodness
  13. Weekend getaway to a cabin or the mountains
    • Fall calls for cabin adventures and sleepy mountain hideaways!
  14. Take a scenic drive once the leaves change colors
    • One of my favorite fall activities! Check out this fall foliage prediction map to see when leaves are in peak season + google "scenic drives" in your state for the ultimate leaf peeping experience.
  15. “Fall back” and sleep in with your S.O.
    • Gaining an hour of sleep and snuggling in with your significant other is never a bad idea
  16. Drink cider 
    • Adult apple cider is a good option too
  17. Tailgate for a football game
    • Regardless if you're a sports fan, tailgating with your friends is so much fun and a tried and true staple for the fall time
  18. Visit the Farmer’s Market
    • Take advantage of the last few weeks of your local Farmer's Market. Stock up on seasonal veggies, jams, and honey.
  19. Make chili or soup in the crockpot
    • Nothing quite spells fall like having the windows open, a candle going, and simmering something savory in the crockpot. There are 8 million crockpot recipes only finger tips away via Pinterest!
  20. "Fall cleaning"
    • Similar to "spring cleaning" except for the fall time. Restart life and rejuvenate your home by paring down your belongings and giving things a good scrub! P.S. - my mom always liked to take this time to rearrange furniture.
  21. Give mulled wine a shot
    • Because we've all heard about it, but have never really tried it. Could be quite good?
  22. Go on a Hayride
    • There are so many fun hayride options out there nowadays! I've found the spooky ones to be the most fun of all.
  23. Visit a Corn Maze
    • Combat the anxiety of getting lost and take to a corn maze with a group of friends for an afternoon of sure fired fun
  24. Watch Hocus Pocus 
    • It's a fall staple and in my 22 years of life I never met anyone with lukewarm feelings about this favorite flick
  25. Have a scary-movie night
    • October demands at least one horror movie marathon. If you're not into the new age horror with all the jump-scares, try a classic like Halloween. 
  26. Carve or decorate pumpkins
    • You could even turn it into a pumpkin carving party! P.S. - if you kind of hate carving pumpkins like me - painting them works wonders and provides the same punch as a carved pumpkin!
  27. Read a new book
    • New season? New book! Make reading a priority this fall as you cozy up with a paper back (or perhaps a Kindle) next to a warm fire
  28. Make bread (ideally of the pumpkin variety!)
  29. Start pre-season Christmas shopping / list making
    • It's never too early to start sussing out X-mas gifts. Beat the Christmas crowd and aim to get most of your  shopping done before the craziness of Black Friday.
  30. Enjoy all the TV shows coming back 
    • Mine are American Horror Story and Vampire Diaries, but nearly any good show that went on hiatus is back and in action thankfully
  31. Decorate your door, yard, or porch 
    • It can be as simple as a festive wreath + pumpkin or as an intricate as a maze of spiderwebs and a whole yard of ghostly gravestones! 
  32. Pin a few potential Thanksgiving recipes
    • Try them out beforehand so there  will be less scramble before the big day. Make sure to write down the tried and true favorites so you’ll have them forever.
  33. Make apple butter
    • Kind of an 1800s move on my part - but there's something so festive/delicious about apple butter. Serve on warm bread or biscuits all fall long and thank me later.
  34. Donate to a food pantry to those in need
    • Give thanks and be generous. Donate to those who'll be struggling a bit this holiday season.
  35. Volunteer your time 
    • This is is the season of giving, so why not give your time? Whether it's helping out at a children's carnival, manning a fundraiser or ladling at a soup kitchen your time is invaluable when it goes to helping others! 
  36. Do a craft or DIY project
    • Pinterest runs amuck with turkey hands,  fall wreaths, and other easy, fun projects this time of year. It won't be hard to find a few favorites.
  37. Plant bulbs for spring
    • Get ahead on the merriment of blooming bulbs once the frost of winter has all melted away
  38. Try pumpkin flavored beer
    • I've heard mixed reviews and surely you have too. Put the rumors to rest and try a batch for yourself.
  39. Stock up on Halloween candy
    • While you're at it, buy a bag for yourself
  40. Try a Halloween inspired makeup tutorial
    • There are so many good tutorials out there for sugar skulls, deers, superheroes and more. My favorite so far has been this effortlessly cool Maleficent inspired make-up tutorial
  41. Eat More Seasonal Veggies
    • Squash! Pumpkin! Gourds! OH MY!
  42. Visit a Haunted House
    • Brave the dark halls of a haunted house this fall. I suggest doing nothing too intense (hey, unless you're into that sort of thing!). Anything that requires me to sign a waiver or lets the "actors" touch me along the way is generally a no-go. Just make sure to have fun! Bonus points if the haunted house gives part of their proceeds to a deserving charity.

What are you looking forward to most this fall? Anything in particular on your to-do list? Let me know!

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