Become a Multitasking Maven with BITE Beauty's New Multistick (Review)

September 29, 2016

I'm thrilled today to be bringing you a review on one of my favorite new products for fall, The BITE Beauty Multistick. Thanks to Influenster, I got sent three shades of the Multistick as part of their BITE Beauty Voxbox. I've been incorporating the three shades into my daily routine for nearly a month and I have so much to share with you! The shades I received were Blondie, Macaroon, and Cocoa.

The Multistick was designed as the beauty product who can do it all and is ideal for the gal (or beauty loving guy) on the go! It is formulated to perform well on eyes, lips, and cheeks due to it's cream to powder formula. This means it goes on creamy and dries down to a powder like consistency on the face for longevity. The Multistick is the perfect "cool girl" product and can be applied with your fingers quickly for that iconic messy, yet put together vibe that reminds me of globe trotting models.

The packaging is incredibly nice and weighty. I find that it is very similar in design and feel to their Amuse Bouche lipsticks. The bullet of the Multistick is flattened at the top, but is relatively the size and shape of a chic lipstick. It is currently available in 18 flattering, yet diverse, shades.

Cocoa, I think had to be my favorite of the three shades I was sent. To me, it glided on the easiest and had the creamiest consistency. I used it primarily as a contour color and thought it suited me just fine when blended out. I am a light-medium neutral skin tone and Cocoa is significantly deeper, but I found it wasn't too dark or too muddy on me. I applied it directly to the face and used a dense kabuki to blend it out and had zero fuss with it at all. It lasted all day and the pigmentation was rich and true to form. I can't say enough good things about this color!

I used Macaroon as a blush primarily and gave it a try on the eyes once or twice. Macaroon was my second favorite Multistick and this one felt the most universal for wearing on eyes, lips, and cheeks for me. I found this color to be simply gorgeous, yet perfectly subtle. This Multistick was probably the toughest to blend out and it's consistency was less creamy and more powdery. Due to the fact that it was more powdery, I found that it wore more dry on the lips (though by no means uncomfortable). I recommend pairing this shade with a gloss or pairing something more moisturizing underneath if you intend to wear it on the lips. This color, when worn alone on the eyes did crease on me. However, I have oily eyelids and did not use a base. If paired with an eyeshadow base, I feel like this would've worked better. My favorite way to wear this particular shade is on the cheeks, applied directly and then blended out with a damp beauty blender.

Blondie was probably my least favorite of the Mutisticks, simply because the color did not work with my skintone. I would describe "Blondie" as being a subtle vanilla/praline color. It almost matched my skintone (it was only slightly darker), which is why I did not venture out and use it on my lips and cheeks. I tried primarily using this color on my eyes as a shadow, but due to it's creamy consistency never really set on my eyelids and easily creased. Again, I highly recommend a shadow base if using in this way. Overall, the consistency was wonderful, but the color did not suit me. I think on fair skin or deeper skin the color would really pop!

(swatches from L-R: Macaroon, Blondie, Cocoa)

Overall, I found myself really enjoying the looks I achieved with the BITE Multistick! I think the product concept is genius, even if the consistency from stick to stick varies slightly. I would highly recommend swatching the shades in person to get a feel for the consistency of the shade you're eyeing. Speaking of shades, there are so many colors that can be used on a variety of skin tones, so the versatility of the products make them a great value in my opinion. Playing the with Multistick reminded me of how fun beauty can be! I love that there are just so many ways to apply this product - fingers, brushes, blenders! I feel confident that everyone from the most makeup-challenged to the makeup maven could successfully create a look their proud of with these sticks since they are so approachable and forgiving.

I also am a fan of BITE as company, since they produce beauty products that have cleaner/more natural ingredients than most. The quality of the product is definitely top notch, from the color payoff to the wear time to the packaging. I had no problem with any of the shades lasting or losing vividness throughout the day. They easily removed with makeup wipes / normal face cleansing at the end of the day and did not stain.

I'm eager to purchase a few additional colors and continue experimenting. Next on my list is Biscotti, Brioche, Marscapone, Praline, and Honeywheat. If you're looking to pick up a multitasking beauty product that really performs, I would highly recommend giving the BITE Beauty Multisticks a try!

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