A Quick Trip To The Fair;

October 16, 2010

The State Fair Is In Town! Though, It Was Hard To Capture Everything I Wanted To, I Managed A Few Shots With My Little Point & Shoot That Aren't Too Shabby! It Was Jack's First Time At The Fair & A Fun Family Outing! We Even Dragged Callista Marie Along! (:
I Loved All The Booths, Just Not The Heckling Carnies!

Classic Funnel Cake!
Fry City Was So Yummy!

Dancing, Goofing Off, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, & A Funnel Cake All In One!

Callista & I

Callie Fell In Love With These Huge Fluffy Bunnies! They Were In A Cage Labeled 'Hopping For A Cure' & You Could Purchase One For $60! She Wanted One Sooo Bad!
Jack Loved Watching The People & The Lights. He Wanted Tons Of Fair Food & My Camera! He Wasn't Too Fond Of All The Screaming People Though!

Once The Sun Went Down, The Lights Came On!

The Ferris Wheel All Lit Up!

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