Bonfire Thursdays;

May 27, 2011

Bonfire Thursdays make my week. Riding around in cars, our boys, people I would have never hung out with in high school are now my good friends, short-shorts, football games by headlights, post-it notes, tagging wars, driving too fast, wal-mart runs, smoky smelling jackets, nights that feel like they'll never end, sex-noises, good friends, Marmaduke, good music turned up too loud, flirting, stories that have been told a thousand times, sun up, speeding away at 6am, staying overnight with the guy friends, teenagerdom, burning things for fun, 'what ifs,' raiding the liquor but not taking any shots, sweet stuff, cupcakes, smooth legs, good friends, dr. pepper, marshmellow and sour patch kid wars, recklessness, sneakiness, being too tired, and so much more. I love my Thursday nights.

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