Brother + Sister Style Week 6

June 26, 2012

This week has been one of the hottest weeks of the year! It's been mid-nineties into the hundreds all week long. Hello summer, I see you've finally brought the worse of the worse. Jack and I's theme this week is simply 'Sunday's Best.' We're wearing looks that we could easily where to church...or any other venue where we need to look at least half put-together.

Having it be so hot did not make for ideal picture taking conditions. So we snapped, snapped, snapped as quickly as possible. At the same time, how quick can one go in towering wedges on slanted terrain while yelling at a little boy running in a million circles around the camera? Haha! We certainly worked up a sweat!

My favorite photo this week. Jack loves for me to flip him, throw him up, or let him hang monkey style off my arms. This is an example of what we do best. We're both laughing so hard! I love it!

Our obligatory smile at the camera let's-get-serious talk. If I'm squatting, I'm more than likely having to reign in that silly little boy and make him focus on the task at hand. 

This is why Jack and I don't 'pose' per say. It looks terribly awkward. Usually, we just let the magic happen. We get in front of the camera and let things happen pretty naturally. We play around, I make sure he looks at the camera every now and again and we're good. This an awful example of me trying to get into some strange pose and Jack following suit. *palm to forehead* We're goobers.

Jack wanted me to pick him up and toss him. I managed to hold him still just long enough to get something usable and not so crazy. There's a lot of love between me and that little weenie nugget!

This week Jack's wearing a yellow seersucker Ralph Lauren polo button down with rolled up sleeves with Wonder Kids khakis. He's waving ridiculously hard and giving off his best cheese smile! What a ham! Also, according to him, "Daddy needs to mow the grass!" Uh, yes...yes he does. 

This week I'm wearing a blue pleated dress from Forever 21 (featured in this post), Giani Bini lace-up canvas wedges, a brown braided belt, and a gifted gold necklace featuring a variety of charms and baubles.

Six weeks and we're still going strong! 

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