New Look + A Big Thank You

June 25, 2012

Sudden inspiration overtook me. That can only explain the reason behind my sudden blog redesign, or rather, the timing of it. I was browsing a few new blogs and I was genuinely inspired by each and everyone of these blogger's lovely layouts. Plus Mandi's blog switch provided lots of inspiration itself!

I needed a project and I needed it NOW. I've had the idea for a redesign for awhile (that part wasn't so sudden and random), but I finally got the motivation and time in order to do it. Also, I had a more clear direction of what I wanted. So I went to the drawing board, which looked a little something like this:

That's the worst part about designing something new and personal. There are several 'looks' that I feel could represent me and my blog (since every human is dynamic). Also, sometimes as a designer/blogger you get trapped in a comfort zone. This was a big reason why I didn't redesign sooner. I knew what I liked...or rather didn't hate with a burning passion. I got comfortable with the look and feel of my online home (only tweaking it to keep my internal 'constant change' urges satisfied), making me hesitant to go outside the box.

Even though this isn't a remarkably huge change, it's a pretty big one in my book. I've always kept this blog soft and girly. I've always played up soft hues of charcoal gray and baby blue. So, I knew I wanted to consciously break out of that comfort zone upon my redesign. Since it was summer time and I wanted to incorporate color, I thought I'd pick colors that were young and summery (bold, but not overpowering).

I also wanted the look to be somewhat girly, but very clean at the same time. I'm very happy with the way this design is turned out. Each and every time I refresh my page I'm shocked, but fall right back in love. I'm sure it won't go without it's tweaks, but I am happy to say that this is the big picture guys!

Do you like this new design?

Also, while we're on the subject of my blog, I just wanted to say thank-you to each and every person that comes across this blog and takes a few moments out of their day to read a post about my day-to-day/inspiration. I would love to thank every single person that leaves a supportive, insightful, or uplifting comment. Every time I see a new comment on a post I feel very lucky. Not only have you read what I wrote, but you've also responded. I love getting to know readers, thanking them, and connecting with them. It's a beautiful thing that the blogosphere has to offer. If you follow my blog, I love you even more. Knowing you're consistently exposed to my posts, as I am exposed to so many of my favorite's bloggers posts on a daily basis is a completely surreal and wonderful thought to me.

So to all that read, look, browse, comment, or follow...THANK YOU. You don't know just how much you're appreciated!

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