Launched and Lovely - (+ My Favorites)

July 23, 2013

If you haven't heard launched yesterday and I felt inclined to share a few pieces I found myself loving.

I've been following Moorea and her endeavors for a long time now (probably 2-3 years). She's a pretty inspiring type of lady. She comes from a collegiate background rich with graphic design and illustration, but when I discovered her she was taking over the world one piece of awesome jewelry at a time.

When she announced that she was working on a secret project a few months ago and I was seriously excited because I knew anything that she came up with was going to be awesome. When she announced that it was going to be a curated retail site with a cause, I was over the moon with excitement and anticipation. offers paper goods/artwork, accessories, home decor, and jewelry. She has teamed up with several designers and 7% of each purchase goes to selected causes (which are all fabulous, mind you).

I stayed up for the launch last night and am here to tell you that all the waiting was not done in vain! The site is lovely, the branding and imagery is spot on, the motivation is kind-hearted, the hard work is evidenced, and the content, above all, is awesome. Maybe it just appeals to my certain brand of style - but I love so many different pieces they have to offer! Also, another great thing is that there are a wide variety of price ranges. There are items under the ten dollar mark and items over the one hundred dollar mark and everything in between. There is literally something with great quality and lovely aesthetic for everyone and every budget! Total win.

I ordered one piece in the above collage and am so excited to get it.

However, my one gripe - is the shipping costs. I totally understand shipping is a necessary evil and that they're trying to work on a system that suits their business and efficiency best. I mean, I get it. However, there's just something a little unsatisfying about paying more for shipping than the actual item. Am I right? So yeah, there's that - but, I'd say it's well worth it.

Featured above:

001. - Crucifix Infinity Scarf ($22)
002. - Ice Age Ring ($8)
003. - Miss Mod Wristlet ($30)
004. - Teacher's Pet Tortoise Glasses ($12)
005. - Arc Midi Ring ($6)
006. - Mineral & Gem Study Vol. 1 Poster ($70)
007. - Mini Hearts Tumbler ($24)
008. - Mountain Top Ring ($8)
009. - Structured Envelope Clutch in Mint ($27)

Have you visited the new storefront - do you have any favorites?

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  1. Anonymous7/23/2013

    Anything she comes up with has to be gorgeous! I love her style, and all your picks are spot-on. I'd be a little iffy about high shipping costs, too, though.

  2. I was excited when I heard that she was stating her retail shop and I'm so glad that its finally open. Thanks for posting this now I really have to check it out!

    Nik of OhThatsNik


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