A Moment to Vent

September 26, 2013

Am I the only one living for the weekends here recently? I don't know - there's something so energetic about oncoming fall, but lately I've just been feeling a tad burnt out. Please tell me I'm not alone. In the past two weeks a bevy of good and bad have washed over me and I've had little time to process these failures/triumphs. So excuse me while I vent.
This week I shot, developed, and printed my first roll of film. I am really enjoying my photography class because I'm learning so much. That class challenges me, frustrates me, but more than anything it inspires and fascinates me. Now that my first roll of film is done, I can't wait to start shooting more. I just feel so artsy carrying around my camera - it never hurts to get in character.
My personal life has been in a state of flux. My friendships are thriving and am exceptionally happy about that. I am happy to be surrounded by such encouraging, wonderful individuals. I literally feel like I could talk to them about anything and that is a great feeling. Old friends, people who I never thought I'd speak to again, have come out of the woodwork and I can't decide if it's the best or the worst possible time. I don't hold anger in my heart, I never did - but it was almost too overwhelming to see someone's pop up on my phone. It wasn't a bad talk, but it was like I was talking to a stranger. It's funny how things unfold.
I know I don't normally delve into boy or relationship matters here on the blog, but when it comes to that front things aren't going swimmingly. Things aren't going at all.
As far as my health, it's been a toss-up of good and bad. I'm eating better and have even made time here recently to go to the gym and go for short walks (mostly to take photos). I should be monitoring my blood sugar and heart rate more closely - so there's that. I broke down and started tanning semi-regularly again. I hate admitting that, especially after writing this post. It makes me feel like such a hypocrite, but like I stated in that post, it's about loving my body and being happy with myself. I am certainly trying to do both of those things.
Academically, I'm not floundering (for once). So far I've been making good/great grades on my assignments and have generally been keeping up with things. There have been some stressful moments, with more to come undoubtedly, but I'm hopeful. I am struggling a bit on my current project in graphic design and am hoping for some motivation. In addition, I'm hoping my creative edge will come back. Where are all my good ideas? I never have nothing...
So, what's new with you this week? Vent to me!

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  1. I have also been trying to do excersize alot more. I try to do something everday, be it walking, pilates workout, or richard simmons. lol So cool you are doing a photography class. I love takeing pictures!! I hope you get your creativity and motivation back soon. :)


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