Cobalt, Berry, and Braids - A Fall Outfit

October 22, 2013

This isn't so much a 'stylish outfit post' as much as it just an outfit post about my vague attempt to be semi-stylish while not sacrificing any level comfort at all. Haha. I could totally write a series entitled 'lazy girl's guide to style' or a post about how much I love basics - which is almost the same thing. 

This is an outfit I recently donned out for my friend London's boyfriends' 21st birthday (that was a mouthful). I was going for a cute/casual vibe. Luckily our entire group happens to be close to her boyfriend. London, put together an amazing all day scavenger hunt for him filled with 21 presents along the way and she enlisted us to help her pull it all off. The scavenger hunt ended with her taking him to dinner. He thought it would be just them two (he was so bummed when she told him that she couldn't get most of us together to celebrate because of midterms), but little did he know we were all awaiting their arrival at a nice Mexican bar/grill joint uptown. It was possibly the most well executed surprise party of all time. 

I love this outfit because it's so comfortable and versatile at the same time. I'm loving cobalt blue this fall. It's been popping up everywhere and I genuinely think it's a bold hue that looks great on almost everyone. I happened to find this great over-sized long sleeved top at Old Navy on sale in that color, which was awesome! I know some of you might be weary to bust out leggings and wear them out as pants. I was weary once too my friend, but then college happened. And, well, comfort won out. I feel like a good pair of black leggings (that are solid and not see through) can definitely be appropriate for wearing out - dressed up or down. I also feel like leggings are okay to wear out, if you're top/tunic/tee covers at least the majority of your bum. If you're still not sold, a skinny jean works perfectly too!

I paired my look with black velvet ballet flats with zippered backs, simple jewelry, a basic braid, and some berry lipstick.

I just recently got my hair done and am really pleased with it. I'm pleased with the length, it's really grown so much in the past few months! Also, I got warm auburn tones added to my blonde ombre to warm it up for fall. My natural color is the darkest color, toward the top of my head. I'm now totally dazzled looking at my hair because of all the dimension and vast array of colors I've got going on right now. It's subtle, but still really fun! I don't think I've ever strayed this far from my natural color, but boy am I loving it.

Oh, and I found the most epic berry lipstick for fall. Finding a plum or berry lip color for fall was a high priority on the fall to-do list and luckily I accomplished my mission one Walmart trip and $5 later. I was afraid it would be too bright and not dark enough to be 'fall' but I think I really hit the nail on the head. It's fall appropriate without being too vampy and I'm totally smitten! If you're curious it's Maybelline #410 Blissful Berry.

I love that this outfit can easily transition into colder weather too. All you have to do is add another layer, a black scarf, and black boots to make the leap from fall to winter. I'm all about that transitional, multi-season life.

What's a comfortable fall look/article of clothing you're loving right now?

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  1. This color blue is absolutely PERFECT on you!! My favorite Fall look right now is definitely the floppy hats!! :)
    xo TJ

  2. You have such a sweet smile!

  3. Love this outfit, the blue looks so good with your skin color and hair!

  4. this shade of blue is your colour, honestly! It looks great on you! And your hair is soooo beautiful! :)))


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