Currently: A Weird, Transitional Sort of Time

October 24, 2013

I hate to be one of those bloggers that hardly ever post and I also hate to be one of those bloggers who constantly apologize for not posting. I've been trying to refrain from the latter, because as we delve deeper into the academic year and things get much more hectic I shouldn't apologize for getting out there and living my life. Right? Right. Well, normally, that'd be right. In truth guys, I've been struggling.

On the personal front I'm going through a really weird, transitional sort of time - emotionally and physically. In addition to academia, the personal struggles have been real this semester. I think I may go so far as to label this season as 'the fall I lost my mind' because sometimes it truly feels that way. However, as bad as things can seem, this transitional period has really made me re-examine a few things. It's as if I'm doing a complete overhaul and really taking inventory of things I like, things I want, and things I need out of my life - not only from myself, but others.

This has been an amazing process and I know it will continue to be an amazing process as long as I have my will to succeed - to be inspired and find lovely things again. The loveliest and hardest thing is taking a hard look at yourself and saying, "okay, it's time for a change" and following through with it. It's not easy - it's quite hard. I hope I can find the courage to let you all in further as I continue to transition in my life, but that will have to come in due time. For now, I give you all my current happenings:.


Reading - I'm currently in the middle of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It was one of those books I have been eyeing shyly for nearly a year in the self-help section. It looked promising, but I could never take the plunge until I felt motivated to find my own happiness again. I'd heard other bloggers give it good reviews, so I was hopeful in so many ways when I finally coughed up those $12 and cracked open the page. I was afraid it would be preachy or try to, I don't know, give me a micro-managed approach to happiness. This book has done neither of those things and is a book I can say I'm glad I took the plunge to finally buy. I'm trying to read a little bit each night of this book, and honestly I'm in no big rush to finish it. I'm trying to slow down and savor (for once). It's charming and real and I find an awesome amount of peace and inspiration in that. Next up for me after The Happiness Project is Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp.

Watching - American Horror Story: Coven every Wednesday. It's currently my favorite show of the moment, the one I refuse to miss no matter what's going on that day. Even though we're only three episodes in, I'm really intrigued. This season seems to be lacking a bit in the 'scary' department, but I'm loving the concept and cast all the same. Also, Thursday is taken by my beloved Vampire Diaries. On Netflix, I'm relishing in the fact that Gossip Girl season 6 and How I Met Your Mother season 8 have been added. There goes my social life.v \

Eating - Whatever the hell I want. That feels so good to type. Lately, I've been eating three meals a day plus snacks and have never felt so energized in my life. I'm definitely not trying to promote unhealthy eating habits, but I've found that the more routinely I eat, the less I seem to eat in one setting. Moderation is happening naturally for me and I feel great. Also, I've decided not to let guilt override me in the eating department. I've realized I'm a much more happy, functional person whenever I eat (and whenever I eat without guilt). I'm happy about this.

Listening To - The Neighbourhood. I'm loving their songs Sweater Weather and Afraid and a few more. They have a great sound, perfect for background music. Plus I can't deny how much I'm loving Shot at the Night by The Killers, Pompeii by Bastille, Closer by Teagan and Sara and Sparks by Coldplay. Anything that could show up on the Alternative 100 playlist is definitely my jam.

Online Loving - I spent nearly 3 hours on xoJane the other night, it's really such an awesome website full of great articles. Nadine is a girl after my own soul and quickly becoming one my favorite bloggers. She has a voice that just comes right off the screen and totally loved her post entitled '10 Things College Kids Just Don't Get.' This Halloween Banner has been on my mind to DIY, even though I think this DIY could be applicable year-round! Last week's round of secrets via Post Secret did not disappoint (they rarely ever do). Oh, and I was extra inspired by Hannah's zine pictures. She's another creative gal who I swear is my spirit animal because she's all sorts of awesome.

Offline Loving - How much Jack is growing and learning. He is so sassy and smart. I swear my love and my heart only grow bigger for that little nugget. I'm also loving my film camera (though I have a love/hate relationship with the developing process), the state fair, fall (is it obvious?), berry lipstick, cozy outfits, the fact that I'm participating Nanowrimo (more on that later), and all the down time gotten during fall break.

What are you up to currently? Let me know! And as always, thanks for taking time to read and for allowing me to use this space as a place to unload a little bit. Y'all rock. 

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