Currently - Jack Edition

January 12, 2014

Since I talk about and mention Jack so regularly here in this space, I thought it might be fun to do a 'Currently' styled post, but from Jack's perspective. Prepare yourself to learn about the current happenings of the (who I believe to be) raddest four year old around!

Reading - Ping and Pong Are Best Friends (mostly) by Tim Hopgood

Watching - Spongebob (on TV), Finding Nemo and Scooby Doo (on the DVD player), and Handy Manny (on Netflix). 

Listening To - Cups by Anna Kendrick and almost have the hand moves mastered too! Also, I know the Awana Cubbies song really well! 

Eating/Drinking - Burgers (plain), nuggets, french fries with ranch, corn-dogs, Mexican cuisine, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Biscuits, "candy bars" (aka granola bars), mozzarella sticks, cheese pizza, anything on my sister's plate that looks halfway appetizing, sweet tea, water, way too much Sprite, and chocolate milk.

Saying - "Don't be cray-cray!" "If you don't stop, I'm gonna get your butt!" "Will they stop building Dollar Generals? Ugh!" "Oh, come onnnn!" "You're not the karate master Sissy (while playing fruit ninja)!"
 "You, me, Micale, Schlond Poofa!" "Welcome to Jack's Jewelry Store!" "I'm taking in my phone (aka my sister's old first generation iPod Touch)." "Sissy, how do you play this game?" "Come on, just oneeee more time!" "Can we go play the crane?" "Do you have any quarters?" "BORINGGG."

Learning - how to wait in line, how to interact with others my own age, to be a better listener, how to write things besides my name (I have that totally down), how to help pick up my messes without getting angry or upset, how to find new ways to convince my sister not to go back to college.

Online Love - Nick Jr.

Offline Love - my new cowboy boots that I LOVE wearing, my big bluetooth headphones so I can listen to the iPad in peace, my family, the idea of getting a dog, my new automated race track and all things car related, Star Wars, heating blankets, playing the crane machine, taking pictures outside and getting out of the house to go shopping. 

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