Lovely Links (Because I'm Not About to Make This First Day Back to School Happen)

January 13, 2014

I'm pretty sure the title of this post about said it all. It's the first day back to school after winter break. I'm barely coherent/awake. So, instead of talking your ears off...eyes off (since technically you're reading this?)...about how unthrilled I am, I'll share some pure awesomeness from around the web! Good deal? Good deal!

  • I'm considering ordering a series of these prints to hang in my new room. They're so bright and refreshing! Usually, I'm not too into florals, but I can definitely make an exception.
  • Need a stunning new calendar for 2014? You can't go wrong with this one or this one. The best part? They're both free downloads. *Sadie's voice from Awkward.* You're welcome. 
  • How cute/useful as these color-blocked touch screen gloves
  • Speaking of the cold, my semi-chapped lips could definitely use a heavy dose of these simplistic lip butters!
  • In my dream home I'd have this tile and this door. So much typographic yes.
  • This book is totally my next read. I couldn't stop stealing peaks at it when I was at B&N a few weeks ago. 
  • For $5 you can order a surprise pack of zines. I'm totally going to do this the next time I need a little pick me up. This is such a rad idea.
  • If you love all things quality font related but hate the heavy price tags, check out ten dollar fonts. It's more promising than it sounds - swear! 
  • I really really really enjoyed this article about needing creative boundaries to thrive! It's a good read if you're a creator/artist/designer/etc.
  • Can I just snuggle up under one of these plus blankets instead of heading to class? Okay, thanks.
  • I'm taking my first adventure out to Native Nectar today to try out their juice, after online stalking them for nearly a week. Wish me luck!
  • Oh, and if you need some new blogs to follow you should give this one, this one, and this one a try (I recently did)!

What have you been loving around the web lately? 

Link me up (so that I can avoid school work)! *Wink*

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  1. I love the "you look good" tile! And those prints are stunning :)
    xo TJ


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