Things I'm Bad At (Part 2)

February 04, 2014

A little more than a year ago I posted about things I'm bad at. Given my recent talk about "perfectionism" in this post, I thought it'd be a good time to remind myself that you can't do everything and do it well. It's human-nature and blog-nature to only put your best foot forward in the public forum, but I think it's healthy to realize your weaknesses (big and small) and from time to time to be able to laugh at yourself.

So without further ado, here are a few more things I'm bad at...
  • Doing Laundry. It's not like I actually struggling with the actual doing of the laundry. I've totally had the washer and dryer mastered since before I was a preteen, I swear. I'm just bad at getting around to doing the laundry. I really should designate a specific laundry day because I run out of leggings way too often for my liking. *Looks down in shame*
  • Asking for Help From Strangers. Yep, I'm the person who will scour Wal-mart (or whatever store I'm in) for an hour looking for something specific instead of just taking five seconds to track down an employee to ask them to help me locate it. The time I forgot the pin for my student aid account and had to call the hotline and ask a woman on the other end to help me figure it out? I almost had a panic attack. That time I had to call and ask about getting a prescription refilled and just kept getting transferred around...I hung up. I just don't do well with this type of thing, and I know I really need to get over this one and suck it up.
  • Budgeting My Moolah. To be fair, I am getting much better at this one, but sometimes I still find myself getting a little swipe-happy with my debit card. I'm bad at over justifying my purchases...namely food purchases. Haha.
  • Watching What I Eat. I'll start with the facts that I don't eat unhealthily 24/7 and have had great success with low carb diets in the past when I was actually trying. I have some serious motivation concerning healthy eating...down there somewhere deep inside me. Mostly that motivation just makes cameos in my day-to-day life. Most of the time I eat what I want and don't feel guilty about it because I just kind of got to the point where I don't think it's worth exerting the energy to make myself feel bad about it. Though I think this attitude is healthy, I also think eating healthier is also healthy. Need to step it up and find a better balance.
  • Turning Off The Electronics at Bed Time. When I was little, I was obsessed with going to bed with the TV on. The ultimate punishment was a night with no TV. Once, college came around and I FINALLY got an iPhone I traded one bad bedtime habit for another. The TV went off, but the phone went on. Even today, my nightly routine consists of scrolling through social media one last time, playing a game of Candy Crush, and then Pinterest until I'm too sleepy to keep going. Whoops. 
  • Keeping the Gas Tank Full. I'm so guilty of only filling up $10 or $15 at a time. I don't know why I don't go the full monty when I need to. It would probably actually save me some money in the long run, but I suppose the short-term satisfaction of only spending a little bit makes me feel better? Sigh.
  • Remembering Birthdays. My friend Travis will tell you that for as long as he's known me (since the 9th grade), I've maybe only remembered his birthday once. There's been years where I've totally forgotten (please forgive me), but mostly I just always think his birthday is on the wrong effing day...including this past year. I was convinced I had it right this year and was geared up to wake him with a celebratory birthday phone call the morning of. The night before, I got a text from him saying, "Did you know what today was?" *face-palm* I should really starting writing this ish down.  4
So tell me, what are some things you're bad at? 

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  1. I hate asking store workers for help too! Sometimes I think someone works at the store and they're just like "I don't work here dude" Awkward!

  2. By the way, I'd love for you to check out my blog! (:


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