Currently (Quick Edition)

March 06, 2014

(my mother / outfit twin came and visited me this past weekend for my sorority's Mom's Day)

It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I've been running around with a chicken with my head cut off. It's also been one of my more forgetful weeks and I suddenly feel like I'm drowning in schoolwork that demands to be done. So, today I bring you the quick edition of my normally Currently posts.

Reading: a ton of textbooks regarding gender and sexuality in the New York Dada scene for class.

Watching: Vampire Diaries (totally caught up), Bates Motel (totally caught), House of Cards (midway through the first season), and The Originals (3/4 through the first season).

Eating: Smoothies from Intajuice. YUM. Can warmer weather just get here already?

Listening To: Chocolate by The 1975, Team by Lorde, and Your Ex Lover is Dead by Stars.

Feeling: Stressed and slightly overwhelmed (but hopeful under all of that).

Realizing: How fast time goes by and that I need to make an effort to check my planner more often. Also, I feel like I need to invest in a scanner.

Online Love: This new shop, this Pinterest board, and this blog for daily fashion inspo.

Offline Love: going to Zumba after a 3 week workout hiatus, getting to see Jack, excitement for my new apartment in the fall, the idea of taking a trip to NY in May, lots of tea, birthday planning, solo trips to Target, daily phone calls with the people I love most, feeling inspired to write, and excitement about upcoming opportunities!

What are you currently up to? Let me know!

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