Noteable: Food Finds (From February)

March 05, 2014

If it were socially acceptable I would fill up the entirety of my instagram with food related pictures, but in an effort not to be seen as the person who documents my purchased meals obsessively I try to refrain. However, this semester I've really been trying to invest into my local college community. I live in a pretty awesome and inspiring area and I really wanted to get in tune with local businesses and food experiences. So, here are some noteable delicious treats I enjoyed last month:

001: Vanilla Macaron from Bouchee
002: Nutty Banana Smoothie from Berry Natural
003: Pearlie's Dumplins from Zuppa Zuppa Soup Kitchen
004: Lavender Honey Cupcake from Bliss Cupcakes

I found Bouchee on accident. I was scouring any and everywhere that might have french pastries, specifically macarons for my friend London's going away party (she was going away to study abroad in Cannes). After a lot of online scouring I found the cutest and littlest French bistro buried in a building on the square (the same square where lights of the Ozarks took place). I had never had a macaron before and had heard mixed reviews, but hey, if they were good enough to be Blair Waldorf's favorite treat then they were good enough for me. I gave the vanilla ones a whirl and they were excellent! They're not overpoweringly sweet, but just the right amount. Needless to say, I cannot wait to try more flavors.

Next up is my smoothie from Berry Natural. Sometime in January I decided to do a little research into local cold press juicers (because ordering juice online was ridiculously expensive and I wanted to support local businesses anyways, so win-win). I found Berry Natural and gave it a shot. They have a pretty expansive menu of cold-pressed juice, all natural smoothies, and more. I love the atmosphere and the service has been nothing short of awesome. I've been back twice for this smoothie and it never disappoints. Plus, their cold-pressed juices are pretty great too!

Perhaps my favorite find from this round-up is the soup from Zuppa Zuppa. I discovered them when a sorority sister who works at a local boutique mentioned Zuppa Zuppa bringing them lunch via instagram. I quickly checked them out and knew I had to try it for myself. I'm a soup lover, so a new soup truck in town was 100% up my alley. I went with something safe, the dumplings, and was freaking blown away. I went back repeatedly and now have sampled three of her other soups, all of which have been nothing short of delicious. I'd like to say I'm approaching regular status there. The service is great and for six bucks you get a hearty amount of soup and some pieces of bread to go along with it (and they'll even bring it your car if the weather is ridiculously cold out). Zuppa Zuppa is one of my go to lunch/dinner spots and I love telling others about the genius of it.

Last but not least, is the honey lavender cupcake from Bliss Cupcakes. If you know me at all, I'm basically obsessed with cupcakes and Bliss is my hands down favorite. Nothing compares to their Butterfinger cupcakes on Tuesdays and Thursday (creepy that I have their menu memorized?). I have two punch cards to that place and a lot of love for it and their $2 Tuesday specials. Last month I tried their honey lavender flavor. It was different from what I'd normally get, but definitely worth trying. The lavender was subtle and it was definitely more earthy and conservative compared to their other cupcakes. However, I enjoyed it, but I could see how it wouldn't some people's cup of tea. I also want to get around to trying their Pear Almond cupcake whenever it gets put on the menu next!

Have you discovered any new favorite local places or tried a particularly yummy treat here recently? Let me know and share all the delicious details!

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  1. I should not have read this on an empty stomach because I now want sweets and chocolate cake for breakfast! Yum!

  2. Oh gosh, notable food finds is definitely a great post! All of this food looks scrumptious! ;)
    xo TJ

  3. I'd definitely try all of those... right now! :-) I love discovering new foods and drinks, and these all sound and look awesome!


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