Always, Sometimes, Never

March 30, 2014

(little snapshot I captured on my walk the other day. Has spring finally sprung?!)

I've done this a few times in the past (here, here, & here) and always have such a fun time with it! Since it's Sunday and I'm headed back to college, I thought I'd keep it nice and simple on the blog today. Feel free to join along via comment or in your own post! P.S. - today is the last day I'm selling wardrobe pieces from the Blogger Spring Cleaning Link-up! If you have your eye on something let me know by this afternoon. 

I always...
  • keep a list of "things I want" in my phone notes. It helps relieve the urge to buy items immediately. I put it in my list and usually forget about it. I know I really want it when I don't forget about it!
  • like to eat pretzels when I'm stressed out and watch Harry Potter when I'm sick. Habits from childhood die hard, man.
  • manage to find a way to procrastinate on things. Sigh. Gotta get that ish together.

I sometimes...
  • wish it was acceptable to totally unplug from life. Though technology is freaking amazing, I sometimes wish I would've lived in a time where personal connections were kept up in person and you never faced scrutiny for not answering texts/posting to social media for extended periods of time. 
  • get insanely jealous over people who are more accomplished than me who are my age. Most of the time that jealousy turns into mad inspiration material and then that channels me to focus on myself and my own drive.
  • wonder if I'll ever get married. I've always wanted to, but it hadn't occurred to me until recently that maybe I'm not the get married by 24 and have kids by 28 type. Maybe I'm more of a get married at 30 and kids by 35 type? My identity/wants as far as marriage goes has been compromised for the time being. Haha!

I never...
  • get used to saying goodbye to my family, especially not Jack. It never gets easier.
  • can sit through a children's sporting event without realizing that I'm one day going to be that mom - that overly competitive shouty mom - one day. Sorry future offspring!
  • remember to turn off the bathroom light whenever I'm visiting home and it drives my father up the wall. Half of the time I don't realize I'm even doing it (maybe because I live in a sorority house where the lights are on 24/7?), so sorry Dad.

What do you always, sometimes, and never do? Let me know!

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