Wow, Actually Put Together For Once;

July 22, 2010

Today has been lame, boring, exhausting, trivial, etc etc. I've been kind of down ever since the ordeal last night (see previous post below for a little bit of insight) and I've been missing my bestfriend who I haven't seen in a week (Callista Marieee!). I watched my brother nearly all afternoon. Handling a one year old for multiple hours in a row is never fun.

It feels like I have been in utter sloth mode for over a week. Sure, I'm taking showers and going through the motions but I can't even remember the last time I was wearing anything besides PJ's. I haven't put on makeup or brushed out my hair. I've been feeling uber blah.

Hopefully tonight things will start looking up! I'm dressed up (and I mean jeans & a fitted t-shirt) and ready for some fun with Callista Marie at our local fro-yo shop! I put on make-up and fixed my hair and I forgot how good I typically am capable of looking. The bad news? I'm back in fat jeans. I haven't needed them all summer but for the past two weeks my eating habits have been straight-up disgraceful. I need to lose a few pounds before school starts. I realllyyyy do. I hope Callista pulls through. Fro-Yo and girl time would lift my spirits oh, so much! :)

More later!


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