2014, A Year in Review

January 02, 2015

First off, Happy 2015! I can already feel in my soul that this year is going to be a good one. I've enjoyed taking some time off to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends and am thrilled to be back on the blogging grind. 2014 was a year for so much growth and learning. However, before we move on to goals, resolutions, and hopes for the new year I thought it might be fun to look at what happened on the blog in 2014.

So, in 2014 I...

  • Began to post my Weekly Wishes on the regular (here)
  • Donned a lot of awesome outfits:
    • Neutrals (here)
    • Spring State of Mind (here)
    • Basics (here)
    • Spring-Breaking (here)
    • Le Carnaval des Couleurs (here)
    • Kimono + Bright Shorts (here)
  • Shared a lot of mood boards and pinspiration:
    • Candy Coated (here)
    • Apartment Inspiration (here)
    • Mint + Orange (here)
    • Pink & Poetic (here)
    • Raspberry + Lemon (here)
    • Cozy Transitional (here)
    • Festive: 3 Ways! (here)
  • Unveiled my resume (here)
  • Had my first guest poster, Jess, on the blog! (here)
  • And guest posted for the first time on someone else's blog (here)
  • Turned 21 (here)
  • Caught the feels (here) (here)
  • Waxed poetic on things I'm bad at (here) and things I wish weren't so good at (here)
  • Collaborated with some awesome brands for campaign posts such as:
  • Shared what was in my bag via my first vlog! (here)
  • Took my first summer course over American Landscape Painting (here)
  • Went on the most amazing last minute summer adventure (here) (here
  • Lost my dream apartment and then found an even better one (here)
  • Shared some recipes:
    • Go-to Berry Vanilla Smoothie (here)
    • Easy Apple Crisp (here)
  • Shared some college knowledge (here) and some sorority knowledge (here)
  • Broke down Finals Week by the #'s (here) & (here)
  • Dealt with half of my face swelling 2-3x it's normal size (here)
  • Started a DL Instagram (here)
  • Extolled the virtues of living alone (here) (here), while talking about the concept of home (here)
  • Got an amazing internship offer for the spring semester (here)

What are some of the things you accomplished in 2014 and what are some things you're hoping to accomplish in 2015? Let me know!

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  1. Aw congrats on a great year of blogging! Hope you're well and happy new year!


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